How you all are tracking ur 221g

Hi All

     i got 221g last month  from chennai consulate.In the form VFS officer issues a case number for traacking purpose.But when i check my using the above case number it says visa is issued but when i use DS 160 application id it says it is still in admin processing.Is anybody in the same situation.If so is it cleared and how long does it take.My petitioner also responded and also there was a verification done as well.

I have heard of cases where people haev more than one 221(g) tracking numbers. Did you get another 221(g) form via email? If so then this means that the first one has been closed and the second one is the one that you should be using to check.
I would think that the DS-160 should be the final one that we look at.

in my case the case number mentioned in 221g shows that the visa is issued.but AP when i use ds160.I am confusd far i am concerned the issue status is the finalone rite.Please correct me if i am wrong