How to verify whether H1b was filed successfully

How to verify whether H1b was filed successfully.

Here I’m filing for 2017 H1b. But need to verify after employor applies to USICS, do we get any confirmation about filing of H1b.

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If the petition is selected in lottery, a receipt notice is issued which will have your name.

If the petition is not selected in lottery, a rejection notice is issued which will have your name.

This way you can know for sure that it was filed. However, you will not know this for several weeks/months and it may be too late to take an action (in case it was not filed at all).

There are 2 ways to know -

  1. You get picked in lottery and get your EAC/WAC receipt# - can be 100% confirmed. No chances of foul play in this case. Employer gives you a copy of the receipt which has your name on it.

  2. If you didn’t get picked in lottery -
    USCIS sends a not picked in lottery to the employer/attorney. They share a soft copy of this usually with employee.
    There can be foul play here by forging names in the same not picked letter as once it is not picked, there is no one who can follow up with USCIS in that case status. Most companies may not play around this route to give fake not picked letters. But we can never be 100% sure.

  3. They do not share any not picked letters. This almost 100% confirms they didn’t apply.

So, basics first. Don’t pay for visa as its illegal. But almost every body here is doing that as that’s the only way this system works currently.
If you decided to pay, talk to atleast 5-10 employers and ask the top 50 questions to ask. You will start getting an idea of who is better and who is not from their responses.
Then shortlist on the best offer. Verify their filing history, e-verified company, references etc.
Once paid, get the approved LCA number before mid March atleast.
On Apr 1, get the FedEx# from the employer showing your petition being sent to either California WAC or Vermont EAC center… Based on job location.
Then wait for lottery result.
As much as possible, try to find more ppl who went thru the same employer and discuss internally on your statuses to tally up things with what the employer tells to each of them. I think
This should be the only stuff we can do.