How to Track Passport since July 2023 update of US Travel Docs Website

Hello, I submitted my H1B visa renewal application on July 20, 2023 at Ahmedabad Visa Application Center. The visa status on CEAC website changed to issued on July 31 but since then I am unable to track my passport. Looks like website update has broken the passport tracking system. The only way I could find was to call at +91 22 62011000 but this almost never works. Either call will not connect or even if connects, one has to wait for 30-45 min before anyone answers. After trying for more than 50 times, I could conenct to someone only 2 times, both the times they told me I will get an email when my passport is ready for pickup but I no email so far. Please let me know if anyone else is in similar boat or any idea what to do.