How to sponsor B2 visa for my inlaws when my H1B extension in progress

Hi , My H1B is valid till Apr19,2016. My H1B extension has ben filed in Mar22,2016.

I wanted to bring my inlaws to USA in next 1-2 months. Since I will not be in legal status after Apr19,2016, I am not able to sponsor B2 visa for my inlaws.(as sponsoring required valid visa)

Can you please advise an alternate solution for this?Incase if they want to self sponsor. how strong should be the documentation from them.

p.s. my employer is not converting my petition to premiem processing.

Why can’t you sponsor them? Send your current 797 copy and copy of extension receipt.

hi, the rule says… the h1b sponsor must be in valid status or atleast have valid i94.

What rule are you talking about? Where is it published?

In any case, you are in valid status based on pending H-1 extension. If you were not in valid status then you would have bigger issues than sponsoring your parent’s visa.

Can we consider H1B extension in process - as valid status?

Yes, it is valid status. Otherwise it would mean that you are staying inside US on invalid status. Are you?

@anillokesh- I am in the same boat. Is your parents visa get approved?

Hi, Its approved. You shud be able to apply with your H1B extension receipt notice.

Thanks a lot… This really helps me a lot. As Was in dilemma if they need to self sponsor visa.