How to respond to my RFE with the documents i currently have - New H1B 2014

Dear Saurabh/All,

Please find below the posting of RFE details requested by USCIS sent to my attorney.

(We have received a Request for Evidence (“RFE”) from the USCIS for the H-1B Small Business (Outside US) case for MUHAMMAD GHOUSE IMRAN ZAHIRUDEEN. They are requesting that the following documents be submitted:

  1. Educational Evaluation on Letterhead from an Institution where Dr. Jelen is currently employed - The educational evaluation we currently have is on Morningside letterhead. The USCIS is requesting that you provide one that is on the letterhead of one of the institutions with whom Dr. Jelen is currently employed.

  2. Experience Letters - Please provide experience letters from your past employers that describe your experience in computer information systems. You can provide these experience letters from your supervisor’'s that used to work with you or peers that you used to work with. A template for the letters will follow.

  3. Documentation demonstrating membership in Computer Information Systems club/group/organization/society

  4. Documentation demonstrating recognition of Muhammad’'s accomplishments in the field of Computer Information Systems



This item is due on 8/19/2013)

I will just mention what i have for each document requested point,

  1. Education Evaluation from Morningside US but they asked for Dr. Jelen Institution ?

  2. I have worked in India with Cognizant, Computer Science Corporation CSC and in Dubai with two IT companied and i have all their offer and relieving letter. Is this enough ? Because my attorney is asking for letter from previous employer stating job responsibilities also which is not a format from MNC

  3. I have no idea wht they are asking for ?

  4. I have no idea wht they are asking for ?

Please advice or suggest on your expertise.

  1. They want it from your current employer. I understand it may not be possible, and if so your attorney should respond that current employer cannot issue any such evaluation. They can instead get evaluation done by another agency beside Morningside.

  2. They want to see if you have experience to compensate for non-Comp-Sc degree. You can get the letters from those companies, or from your managers or colleagues (check w/ attorney if this will work).

3, 4. They want to know if you are member of any such group which makes you more eligible for the offered position. If you don’t have any such thing, they reply as No.

Dear Saurabh, Thanks for your answer.

  1. My employer said he will take care of this.
  2. Im a B.Sc. Computer Science Graduate with 5+ years in IT. You know Indian MNC dont give seperate letter i have only the experience letter stating start and end date with designation - (NO JOB RESPONSIBILITIES)
  3. I have certifications in S/W tools. Can i Submit it ?
  4. I have appreciations mails, awards from Managers and organization. Can i submit it ?

From your expertise tell me is this a complex RFE or Simple One ?
Is there something to be worried on my Visa Approval?

Sorry to bother you a lot. thanks

USCIS wants to ascertain whether you have the minimum H-1 requirements, which are (in your case) at least 3 years of progressive work experience for each missing year of education (you have 3 years of education vs required 4 years of Bachelors).

This kind of RFE is no unusual and happens to non-Comp-Sc people who don’t have outright 4 years Bachelors.

Yes, submit all those documents to your attorney and get their feedback. From their experience, they can tell you how to deal w/ detailed work experience. Can your past managers or colleagues vouch for you?

Thanks Saurabh,

Yes my previous employers managers are helpful in this regard i spoke to them, but you know better company cant provide letter heads they can email me or send a doc with declaration statement. Your advice on this regard ?

Guide me for other request from USCIS like professional group/society etc etc. Whether linked in Profile will work or tell me where i can enroll in such organization ?

I knew i bother you much but i have no options left

You can ask them to send the details on personal stationary which has their contact information. Check this w/ your attorney as well.

No linkedin profile will not suffice that. If you are not a member, then that’s the answer. They just want to know how you qualify for the offered position and the asked 4 questions makes one qualified. It is not necessary to have all 4 of them, but whatever you have should show that you are qualified for the position.

Really thanks saurabh for all your expertise advice.

My Visa Petition got approved. Bless you for this social work.

Congrats! Have a safe flight to US.

Thank u Saurabh,

One more hurdle to pass-by “Visa Interview (Stamping)”. Mine is EVC model and hope it goes well. Please let me know your valuable advice if so any for my case. Will be always thankful.

In EVC model, most of the complications arise from:

  • contract chain b/w E-V and V-C
  • employer-employee relationship

Other than this, you may be asked about company documents like tax returns, wage reports etc.

Hi Muhammad, can you please tell me what did you provide to USCIS for this RFE?