How to report H1BVISA Fraud


Last year I have applied for H1B visa thru premium mode… However the company I have applied informed that my application is not selected. Neither they provided the receipt nor they have refunded the H1B Visa fee which they have promised me to return immediately. It is almost a year and not yet refunded the amount. Could you please help me how to get back my money. Since I am not in US I would like to know how to proceed with this issue. Thanks.


Satheesh C

Paying for the visa is illegal. So you already have committed something that is not right. Employer must have been very careful, if you see, you would not have any proof that you paid the money or any emails regarding it. So you cant make any claims with no proof in your hand.

Thanks for the response… I have proofs of email that money has been sent… However I am not sure its illegal to pay the VISA fee… Do someway I can escalate the issue to concerned authorities… Regards.

You can report to USCIS.

But the emails may be from vague email address, if I am right.

Eg:, these may not be corporate emails or official email account of the company, that you can submit as proof. Just check that.

Thanks Ramanan will report… Email ID that they have sent me email is from their official Company email ID.

Hi ,

your issue resolved?, if yes, who is your Advocate?

No Issue is not addressed. Company name is
And the name of the person is and