How to renew expired US Passport of spouse of ex-military

Defeated and discouraged!! We Need help to renew spouse of an ex-military persons US passport. This young couple were married in Germany while the husband was still in the US military and shortly afterwards they came to the US to live with her 2 minor children. The spouse US passport expired before they could re-submit the application submitted earlier for the renewal.
Originally when they did send in the renewal application with fees included; they where sent back the application and fee pmts with out any explanation of why it was returned/rejected. So at this point they could not apply for a Visa, TIN# or a green card; which is required to renew the US Passport…AAARRGG!!

2015 - couple goes to file US tax returns as married with 3 dependents (wife + 2 children). Using the husbands SSN at the advice of the tax acct. During this process the agency that was handling their tax returns fumbled around with a number of delays and in the end their returns were rejected by the IRS due to the 3 not having a TIN or SSN.
Afterwards they met with the IRS and were told that the husband could ONLY file as Single with NO dependents!! No More - No Less.
Now with the forced single tax status; when he does file he will owe so much in back taxes that they will NEVER be able to save funds to afford the fees required to apply for their Visa’s, TID# or green cards… HELP!!!

Hello, this case needs attention of an immigration attorney which in my opinion is the best course of action.