How to reapply again after been denied on USA B2 visa category?

hi @Kumar long time my man

im thinking about to reapplying for US visa b2 what should i do
on my first interview have been on AP then rejected
on my second interview the consular gived me the white slip 221g then after one month the embassy emailed me that im rejected cause 214b
so i have been rejected 2 time and during my 2 last interview was fine i mean well done and the consular never asked me to show him any paper anything

Now, i want to reapplying what should for my futur application ds160 what should i change?
please advise really need help!!

best regard,

Well, unfortunately, that’s how rejections look for 214(b)…It is a black box and no one knows…I am not sure, if you can change anything on DS-160, unless something really changed on your front…I wish I had an answer for you, you can give it another try…but, we really dont know that they will look at…All you can do is apply and go for interview again…

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