How to know my H1B case upgraded to premium

My consultant say they have filed my H1B this in Premium processing last friday. Is there a way i can come to know in the receipt number or anywhere else that the visa is filed as a Premium process.

mine was also upgraded last week Monday and then on 20th I saw that in the site my status changed from Initial review to acceptance . So you should also see some thing like that within couple of days from when it was changed to premium .

please keep on posting if any updates

Mine is still in acceptance . did your one changed to Acceptance in the site ?

they have received my application for premium processing and status showing Intial review…if u go for PP it will change for acceptance is it or it will remain in Intial review…please let me know after how many days for you it changed to acceptance after they received your request for PP

they have received my application yestarday for premium processing and status showing Intial review, when they have receive your application for pp what status it was showing, i mean initially it was like intial review and later it changed to acceptance…let me know…i am confused

You should see the change within couple of days .