How to know if G28 is filed with H4?

Hello Everyone,

My spouse’s employer had filed H1B and H4 application concurrently. However, I have received original receipt notice for H4 directly from USCIS.

Does that mean G28 is not filed with H4 to represent applicant and as applicant I do not have any dependency on attorney’s and I can withdraw H4 if needed in future. Please confirm.

An attorney will never forget to file a G-28, it is their bread and butter. The fact that a receipt notice came directly to you means something was mixed up in the address fields but this is not uncommon. Also, an H-4 initial petition is not required to be employer or employer’s attorney linked, the only H-4 linkage is to the primary applicant which is you. It is not a good idea to depend on an attorney for H-4 processing.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar