How to initiate(Start filling) DS160 form for H4 visa


How to initiate DS 160 form for my H4 visa of my Wife.
I am planning to schedule the Visa interview appointment on same day.

I have filled in two DS 160 forms, one for Me (H1B) and another for my wife (H4). But once I submitted my form, I was give option to add family members and create application for them.
So what is the recommended way to create DS160 form for dependent?
Is it ok if I have two separate applications and submit them independently? If so, will I be able to schedule appointment on same day ?

Thanks in advance,

You have to fill two separate ds 160 forms for each one of you anyway. The only difference when you choose add family option will generate new form with some pre-filled information from primary applicant (H1). If you don’t choose this option, you have to create a new form from scratch that’s all.

You have to create separate ds-160 form for each applicant even though you include them in your appointment.

Thanks for clear that.
One last question, how to make payment for mine and my wife’s application and schedule appointment, so that we both get interview scheduled at same time?

You should add your wife as your dependent in ustraveldocs while filling your appointment details. Payment will be automatically calculated and shown to you. Payment details page will have just number of applicants and not the names.

Thanks for confirmation, really appreciate your help.