How to I-140 approval notice

Hi All,

My employer filled I-140 and it got approved two weeks back in premium processing. But my employer is not ready to share even soft copy of approval notice. What is the best way to get copy of approval notice .Appreciate your inputs.

You can file FOIA request with USCIS and get a copy.

Thank you Kalpesh,could you tell me which form is that.

Hi Ramak,

I understand it is old, were you able to to get to know what form you selected for foia online to get the approval notice. I got the approved petition but no the notice

Hi Harsha,

I have not applied yet .

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Hi Kalpesh

I have file and got 140 approve petition ,there is option called i140 approval notice. Can you please what should i be filling

Select i-140 approval notice and file G-639 FOIA form.