How to get i140 receipt number or case status?

Hi Friends,

I am going to max out in the next 6 months of my H1B, I did not know my I-140 status. My employer is not sharing any of those details, I reached out to USCIS to the given phone number and they did not disclose the status of my i140 and any other information as it was filed under G28 or something. They would only respond to the attorney or the petitioner name mentioned in the form. I wanted to apply for H4-EAD for my spouse. I am not sure if there is any other way to get the status of my 140 so that I can plan accordingly. even my employer is not ready to file H4-EAD for my spouse.
** Everything is legal and clear from my side, employer is not willing to share i140 details - I have paid for the entire process including premium fee.
Looking forward to hearing from you for any suggestions.

You can request information from USCIS using FOIA request online.