How to get h1b receipt number or status?


I have been on H4. My husband’s employer filed H1 for me for 2014 year. He also informed that my appln was selected in lottery. Recently my husband had to shift his job due to project duration, work culture and relocation constraints. From Then on, the ex employer is being rude, not sharing my h1b receipt number and said that he would get it revoked too. I will b sooo depressed to stay at home for another year on H4 :frowning:

How can I handle this? Plz help.

How can I know the status of my application or get approval? I requested him number of times but in vain…

Until you know the receipt number and the petition gets approved, you cannot make use of that petition. Try to reason w/ him and get the receipt number. However, from that employer’s perspective, they have lost faith in you as your husband left them.

Hi Saurabh,

Receipt here means to the Fedex tracking number or the case number?

I mean the Case number and not fedex number