How to get H1B petition number from USCIS


I am currently on L1B VISA and my H1B was selected in this year’s lottery.

My H1B employer is not willing to give me H1B petition number but they confirmed several times that my petition was selected in H1B lottery this year and it was with consular processing. I don’t have any other information for my H1B petition. I am little worried because my L1B is getting max out in next 7 months and my H1B company doesn’t want me to join even after my H1B is approved. My PERM is also not filed yet.

Is it possible to get H1B petition number from USCIS ? Also let me know the steps to transfer my H1B to a different employer using this receipt number.


If your H1B is approved, your employer will let you know, until then you will have to wait.

If they had mentioned that it was still under process, that would mean that it has not been approved yet. Just remember that not all petitions selected in the lottery are approved.

There is no way of getting the receipt number by yourself without the employer. As the H1B application is filed on behalf of the employer to USCIS, you are just the beneficiary, USCIS will send the receipt number to the employer only who applied to it.

You cannot get the receipt number from USCIS help line. USCIS will deal with only the employer or their attorney and not you.

See if you can file FOIA to get I-129 copy which will have the receipt number.