how to get F1 from L2 without any L1 documents

hi everyone,

I have been to USA on L2 and came back to India with some personal issues.


Now i got I 20 and went for visa stamping but was rejected for two times.


the reason that i was rejected that the Visa Officer was asking "you already have been to USA on L2, where is your husband, show me L1 documents" so i could not tell them truly that i have some personal issues with him.


now my question is""Is that sufficient to get F1, if i show some strong witness from attorneys that i have some issues with my husband and iam going to get divorce".


my L2 is going to expire by last week of march 2014. 


please give your valuable suggestions.

Have you formally filed for divorce?

thanks for your quick response.
yes, iam going to file divorce with in a week. but, is that sufficient to avoid asking questions on my L2 status.

I am not 100% sure, but I think once you have formally filed for divorce you can appear for F-1 visa stamping. You can tell the officer that you are no longer his dependent and can also request for your L-2 visa cancelation (to give them more confidence).

May I suggest talking to an immigration attorney as well, as the case is not so straight forward.

thank you, i will try to check with that

could you please tell me as my L2 status is going to expire by April 4th 2014, before minimum how many days of my visa expiry date should I apply for change of status from L2 to F1.

As you are outside of US, this can be done anytime. L-2 expiration date doesn’t impact this.

I got admission when I am in USA, as I got I20 from one university only(as I didn’t apply to any other university’s), what could be the best answer that I can tell to Visa Officer if they ask “How many university’s did you apply or why did you apply only one university”.
Actually i have economic constraint when I am in US.

You should always reply truthfully to the VO.