how to get Driving license extened using cap gap i20?

I am from michigan and I am currently on my cap gap period right after my 12 month OPT, my driving license got expired with the end date on the OPT card. is there any way to get it extended using the CAP GAP i20 and i also have my i797c receipt.

and what exactly is the SAVE program?

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I am in the same boat. I have the CAP-GAP i20 and i797c receipt. The system in the local DMV is not letting them to renew my driver’s license. My state is Florida. The system throws an error saying contact your immigration sponsor. When I contacted the international office at my school, I was told that everything was up to date and my local DMV is responsible for updating their system. Everybody is just passing the buck to one another and I am the one who is being punished despite having all the documents up to date.

its different from state to state. my state ohio will issue DL based on Receipt number

Hey did you get your DL renewed? I searched the internet and found some shared their experience by getting a temporary permit, a handwritten one in yellow color. Try showing the DPS officers the USCIS explanation about cap-gap. Hopefully they will get the idea.