How to get back my passport from consulate

Hi Saurav,

I went for H1b Stamping on Jan-25-2014 for company A, and consulate issued me a white 221g slip and moved the case to 221g. Meanwhile i got a job offer from another Company B and they transferred my h1b .On the day when i got the approval for my h1b with company B, i got a mail from consulate to to submit my passport for further processing for the earlier cases for company-A and i sumbitted the same to the consulate(is there any correlation??). Now from the tracker i can see again they moved my case to administrative processing and holding my passport. Meanwhile i got all the documents from company B for stamping my H1B visa. I cant go for stamping since my passport is with the consulate.

  1. Could you please let me know how i can withdraw my passport and go for the stamping for company B ?

  2. Did i make any mistake submitting my passport ?

  3. is there any impact of the earlier visa pending case on my new stamping ?

Please help . Thanks in advance !

You will receive your visa stamped passport any day now