How to find out if the employer has actually filed my H1B?


I am filing my H1B with one of the employer I found on internet. I need to know, how to find out that my employer has actually filed my H1B? what should I ask him for, any document or some other thing.

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Ask for a copy of the receipt. Just the receipt number may not work, since they may just give you another applicant’s number.


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what kind of receipt should I ask for? He is ready to give me LCA (but LCA won’t have my name on it) copy, Is that enough.

No, when the petition is filed, USCIS will give a receipt. You need to ask for a copy of that receipt. So, you need to wait till the petition is filed and once your employer receives the receipt notice, ask for it.

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Any progress on the application ? Has it been taken forward.

I have also got similar offer and in dilemma about taking chances !

Do we get the receipt when it is selected in lottery or as soon as the application is submitted?

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Hope someone answers this question?

after selection in lottery