how to file COS from H1B to H4?

Hi, I got my H1b Visa approved last year Oct 2012, and started working, but now i am out of project and want to file COS from H1b to H4, now my questions are: 1) can i file my cos for H4 without my employers or attorney’s help? 2) what is the process to filr cos? 3) in my passport H4 is already stamped which was filed by my husban’d employer, can i use same H4 visa or do i need to file new H4 visa and again go for new stamping? 4) what if i go out of country and come back on H4, as H1b is not yet stamped in my passport? Thanks for your help?

  1. Yes, you can file it by yourself

  2. You have to file the form I-539 along w/ fees and required documents.

  3. If COS gets approved, then you don’t need any stamping. No stamping required as long as the current visa stamp is valid. The other option is to leave US, and return on your stamped H-4 visa.

  4. In this case, you will move to H-4 status based on the I-94 you receive on your return