How to do the documentation for RFE for H1B?

This will be the most interesting question to admin/Kumar
Usually, employers send RFE when the due date is tomorrow? (most of them) what is the myth behind this doing like that . 2 When it comes to documentation, for every RFE we have to provide some documentation, but recently a lot of people have been saying you should not do over documentation or less? will that decides the H1b case if your documentation is less or more? Will USCIS reads every page that is in the documentation?
Can someone give a good clarity about it?
Employers ask to give what all we have, in general, do they need timesheets, meetings, emails, from the start date to the current date? are they really required!

Not always, it is just the perception.
There is nothing called over documentation. You need to submit every document that is required for proving the RFE point they raised…it is a myth, people have their own opinions, there is no stats saying x people got rejected for submitting more documentation…so, it is pure perception and opinion…
In general, the goal is to submit as much documentation as you can so that you can address the RFE raised by employer…Don’t worry about general perceptions and work with your attorney.