How to correct wrong date USCIS approval H1

Hi all,

The end date on my H4 is wrong (04/03/2015 instead of 04/30/2015). My husband who had same end date got it right. Now we are in India. We need to go back to USA soon. We cannot wait and correct this. Can I change this end date once I get in to the USA? or did any one know any procedure to correct it within in USA. If i correct it within USA, then I will have different end date on my passport (at port of entry) and different date after correction.



Your question is very confusing. are you saying your H4 visa stamp end date is 04/03/15 and petition for your husband’s H1 is 04/30/15?

a) Both these dates are in the past and you need fresh visa stamp to enter USA

b) at port of entry, your I-94 end date will usually be 14 days after the last date of the visa