How to check the valid employer or not?

Hi friends,

How to check the employer or consultancy is genuine or not before applying the H1B application with them for coming season?

online anywhere we can check the basic authenticity of it?

Thanks for help.

If they ask for money from you, dont proceed. A genuine employer will never ask for filing fees as that is something the employer has to pay.

Here is a list of disqualified/barred employer ls however note that there could be other illegitimate employers out there.

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You are correct.

But no one willing to recruit from India without allocating our own funds for H1B visa, unless we have exceptional skills. These body shoppers only work for their benefit and profit and never for us.

There are abundant resources already in USA if genuine employers want to recruit. But we have to choose the best one from these body shoppers as I have contacted so many but no one giving genuine hand.

In that case decide at your own risk.

Thank you. if we consider at our own risk,
Fee structure can you please verify :
Registration fee - 10$
if selected in lottery, Petition fee - 460$ or 780$ ( for normal processing)
attorney fee : 2500$

anything else please?

You can check at the below link