How to check the payslips whether my employer generated ?


I came to US 4 weeks back, got a project effective start date is 1st week of March. My employer says they have generated payslip (biweekly). Is there any way I can check the payslips generated ?



What does it mean by GENERATED? Its an activity of salary payment to you (Paying the money and sending a statement of such pay). This statement is called Pay Slip. If you are paid, it must be done in some form(cash/check/bank deposit etc). Then you know by that means. If you are not paid, there is no pay slip. If you are paid, you can get the pay slip. I dont know what is the GENERATION of pay slips? Why do you need the Pay Slips at this point? You will automatically get it when you are paid.

Did you get your SSN first? he can run your paystub only if you have an SSN

If you had SSN, you must have got a direct deposit in your acc or by check

You can also ask you employer for paystub, he will provide you