How to check the available dates for Visa ???URGENT

Hi saurabh ,

                      I am planning to scheduled the date in the month of Oct (HYDERABAD) for H1B Visa ,

                       My question is will there be any possibility for me to JUST check the avaiable dates so that i can book the date as per my auspicious date and time if "YES" plz let me know , i have registered in the following link [](  where it is asking me to update the personal details like passpart no. nd all ,but i do not want to provide all that stuff i just need to CHECK the available dates .

Kindly let me know if you are aware of such thing and provide your feedback [b]ASAP [/b]

You can not check available dates without creating the profile.

Real avaliable dates can be known only after you really complete the profile and make payment.

Without making payment also you can get first available date as shown . but it is NOT reliable.

In Hydewrabad for H1 visa october dates would be available