how to change from L1B to H1B when L1B extension get RFE and fresh H1B get approved


I am in USA on my L1B (current status is L1B and I94 got expired and got RFE on extension )

My L1B visa and I94 was valid until Aug 2016 (3yrs completed) and my company had filed extension (2yres) in July 2016 which I got RFE in Dec 2016 and my company yet to reply for thE RFE . Meanwhile my company had filed fresh H1B also for me and it got approved now Nov 2016.

Please help me in clarifying below doubts to get smooth transition from L1B to H1B

  1. Can I just ignore L1B RFE without answering and travel to India and get H1B stamping and comeback on H1B? . Do i face any challenges during or after stamping in this approach?

  2. Do i need to have a H1B stamping to change status from L1B to H1B ? or is there another way to get change of status while i am in US

  3. Can I apply for change of status from L1B to H1B without replying to L1B RFE and get H1B approved? or do I need to wait till my L1B extension get approved?

Thank you.