how to calculate the cost of MS program according the credit hours ?

hello sir,I am planning to do my MS in the spring of 2015,i have searched various universities website and found the tuition fee in from of per credit. Someone told me that it takes 30 credits to complete to 2 years of ms and say per credit the fee is 1000 does that mean for the entire course i have to shell out 30000 dollars ?

some universities such as northwestern university boston mentions a term called 'SH" is this term same as credit hours ?

Yes, you are right. Usually the tution fee is calculated per credit. Your understaning is correct. Also, you need to be aware of the fact that the fee does not include additional fees like student life and other fees. I am not sure what they mean by SH. I checked the school website : and it only talks about quarter.

In any case, Read [Cost of Studying MS in USA ](, you will get an idea

I am sorry sir, its northeastern university boston