How to calculate H-1B 6 years in my case...Very Urgent..Please answer

Hi All,

First i was in U.S on H4 for 1 year, after that i was on L1 for 2 years in U.S.

And now i am on H-1B from 1 years 5 months.

So my question is how USCIS calculate my 6 years in U.S.

Please answer the question at the earliest.

Your 6 year is just based on your H1. So you have are just done with 1yr and 5 months out of your 6 year till now.

6 year period includes both H-1 and L-1 stay. So unless there was a 1 year cooling period b/w L-1 and start of H-1, it would be counted as 2 years + 1 year 5 months.