How to broadcast my CV to H1B sponsoring companies???

I would like to know what is the best way/method to broadcast my CV / Resume to H1B sponsoring companies???

And when is the right time to search for jobs in the USA given the fact that 2014 visa application begins april 2013???

Also, let me know What are the chances of getting a h1b sponsor in logistics industry?

Post your resume in various job sites and respond to job postings given in those sites. However, the jobs posted could be immediate requirements and hence the company may not be ready to wait until Oct 2014 to hire.

I can't say a specific time from which you start looking for opportunities. Keep your hunt open, always.

No idea about logistics industry.

Hi Sujith,

I am not looking to apply for 2015 h1b quota i.e. Oct 2014 hiring as mentioned by you… but for 2014 h1b quota i.e. Oct 2013 hiring…

Can u also tell me when is the right time to start applying for Oct 2013 hiring process?

2014 was a typo - I meant 2013 October.