how to beocme Permanent resident of US

Hi Sir,

I have H1B visa ,This would be maximum for 6 years to stay in US, So if we want to stay and work in US after 6 years then what would be process for that ,Please let me know what is process to become permanent resident of US.


Ask your employer to start a green card process for you.

You can get 1 year extension beyond 6 year cap, if your PERM has been pending for more than 365 days or PERM is approved but I-140 is pending.

You can get 3 years extension beyond 6 year cap, if your I-140 has been approved.

Hi Saurabh,
I would like some more clarity on this with the help of an example. Lets assume my fresh H1B gets approved and stamped by Dec 2016.

  • I enter US on Jan 2017
  • Request employer to start GC process by June 2017
  • First step (if I am correct is labor certification) - How long does this take ideally from June 2017?
  • What is the step after Labor cleared? Is it PERM?
  • Assuming PERM is filed after Labor clearance, how long will PERM take to ge cleared?

1st step: Get prevailing wage determination for the offered GC position
2nd step: Recruitment - post the job opening for 60 days
3rd step: Quiet period - review the submitted resume from step 2 and see if any qualifies. If yes, then that’s end of GC process for next 6 months
4th step: File PERM and lock your priority date. This can take 8 months in regular processing but if audited then it can take 18-20 months