How to be successful in the engineering society while doing a bachelor's degree in a middle tier university?

I started my undergraduate engineering degree in a middle tier US university three years ago. Since then, I have managed to do good in my classes, have been an undergrad teaching assistant, research assistant and have done an internship. I am in a social fraternity and one honor society. Also, I play a sport at collegiate level for my university. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I want to pursue a master’s degree in a top tier university. What will the expected qualifications be? I am looking forward to develop myself in more ways and would like to seek some guidance. Thanks.

You did very well in Undergrad. It is up to how to leverage those things for your Masters degree application and admission. You need to highlight all the good things you have done in undergrad in SOP and overall application. Having good scores in GRE would help as well. Speak to your professors for giving recommendations, they matter a lot as well. There is no single silver bullet, it is up to how to position yourself for admission. As you are already in US, I suggest you setup some appointments with admission counsellors and seek their advise, they would be more than happy to advise. If you are close to a good school, walk-in for their open house and seek information. Many admissions are done during open house.