How to apply jobs in India from USA

I have been working in USA for 1 year as .net developer on H4 EAD .Now I am planning to move to India and settle down there.Is it possible for me to apply jobs and giving interviews while I am in USA.

You can apply using standard job sites like Naurki and normal websites. Some of them have options even for people returning. Just give it a try. Yes, you can do that, recruiters are willing to interview you, when you are in US.

Please read carefully what she has written. She is asking the other way round. lol :joy:

@bhuvan, I read it right…She is in US and want to move to India :slight_smile:

haha…no man it wasn’t for you… there was someone who had replied after you and he/she has deleted that post now. That person was suggesting her to do MS in USA or ask MNC to post her onsite in US and all that stuff. He/she was suggesting the other way round. I guess he/she realised after reading my reply and deleted it. :smiley:

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@bhuvan, got it… :grinning: