How to answer in the H1b visa stamping interview if you are asked that are you going to apply Green Card?

Recently, I am preparing for the coming H1b visa stamping interview. I have no ideas on how to properly answer the question: are you going to apply Green Card? I just want to be so well prepared that I do not worry in any situation. Looking forward to your idea.

Usually, they do not ask such direct question…the reason is H1B is a dual intent visa and you can be beneficiary of an immigrant petition and have immigrant intent. Read Dual Intent vs Non-immigrant Visa.

Also, it is not your decision, it is up to your employer and they need to do that. So, you can safely say, you have not thought about it and have not discussed with your employer yet…You can answer anything here, they cannot really deny you based on that answer.

Thank you so much, sir.

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