How this website knows information about me?

Hello everybody,

My case Is PP, Im still waiting they pick up it,My question is, how this web site knows information about me like ( my name, country, etc..) if the Immigration didnt get the package ???


I have responded to this is in the main blog, but doing here as well.

The redbus site has no personal information about your case. We produce community generated data. You would know the receipt number through your employer and can track the status on USCIS site. It is up to you, whether to come back to the site and update your personal information, or not.

Ok, But where you get community generated data?
How you know who applied for the H1B Visa?

A community generated data relies on users like you and others to enter their H-1B information in to H-1B tracker database. Again, this is not an official db of the H-1 filing and relies heavily on user input.