How soon should I get my H1B after getting my I-129 Petition approved?

I was one of the lucky ones to make it through the lottery in April 2013 and have recieved a notice from the company lawyers that my I-129 Petition is approved.

However, the company do not want me to start until I can move to the US in October 2013.

With the long wait between April and October, I'm concerned that the company could get aquired (or some other circumstance) that would mean my role there no longer exists.

Would I be able to [b]apply cap free to another US company[/b] if that happened? Or do I have to have my H1B stamped from my local (european country) consulate?

My concern is that if I leave everything until later in the summer, with the only proof actually with the lawyers and a forwared email from USCIS that if the company no longer exists that I'll  loose my chance to apply for another US job.

If this is your first time H1b, it is a rule that you cannot start to work before Oct 1st 2013.

Your approved visa authorizes you to start working from Oct 1st 2013 only and you cannot enter USA before Sep 21st 2013 with the stamped H1B visa. Check your approval notice for the dates the visa is valid.

Even if you transfer your visa to another company the start date would still be Oct 1st 2013, as this is your first time H1 visa.

Thanks for your answer but it’s not really what I asked! I want to know if I will lose my place in the 65000 cap if I don’t have my stamp and am not in the US.

No you would not. If approved and stamped you may begin work anytime you want between the time period it is approved for. Once a visa is approved and stamped there is nothing to loose at all.