How soon can I legally change jobs once I have landed in the US with an H1?

I have over 15 years of pure IT development experience and I am working as a Technical Architect in India. My employer is an IT staffing company which also has its own projects division in which I am currently working in their India office.
My employer is filing my H1 for me this year, but they are planning to send me as a programmer analyst and not anything higher. I am not sure how they are going to market my skills in the US, but I will be paid as per the rate of a programmer analyst, from which will the company will then take about 40%. I think I should be getting a much higher rate than that. I know there is a bit of difference in skillsets of Technical Architects in the US and India but I dont think I should be selling myself soo short and so I would want to know how soon I can change to a position that better suits my skills and experience.

I would want to join a company that would also later help me with my GC processing. I am not sure if I should be making too many jumps or if I should just stick to the company that first filed my H1.

Please help if you have been in such a situation or know anyone who has dealt with such a situation. What was done in such a scenario?


Almost everybody would have been in your situation. But an Architect being shown as a programmer? Be careful if you get RFE and while stamping. The only best thing I can suggest is ask your employer to file LCA that is more aligned to an architect.

Answer for your question title: You can change your employer at any time. But anything must make a logical sense when it is required to be addressed in an RFE etc at a later point of time.

About your present level of expertise and the representation of you on H1B visa: Since H1B is a job offer from an employer to an alien, its up to the employer about their job offer and choosing the right candidate. You dont have a legal authority to question them. All you can do is either accept or reject their job offer. Having said that, Typically, for H1B legal requirements, all that your employer must do is to follow the H1B petition rules. Usually the employers offer the minimum job description, minimum wages, terms and conditions on the paper(H1B petition like LCA, I-129 etc) but in reality, they can pay above those minimum conditions. So, even though you are represented as a PROGRAMMER(and paid minimum wages) on papers, Your employer can put you in the role of architect and can pay you more wages. The job that you do should be in the same and similar areas of specialization(Example: A computer worker should not sell flowers in the street corner. These two become two separate job areas of specialization).