How much time will it take to change status from Decision to Post Decision?


Here are my timelines for L1b Visa extension Premium Processing


Application received by USCIS: 21st Dec 2012

RFE requested: 3rd Jan 2013

RFE response received and status updated as Initial review : 14th Feb 2013 , Premium processing counter started.

Status changed to “Decision” -> 20th Feb 2013


My queries?


	Decision status is saying “ review of I-129 completed”. Does it mean rejection?

	How much time will it take to change status from Decision to Post Decision?

  1. Since it was in premium your attorney or employer should have received an email stating the decision. “completed” does not mean rejected

  2. I think it remains in Decision state and only moves to post decision once you appear for the interview. But I am not too sure about it.

My employer has not got any email yet.

also, it is for L1b enstension so no interview is needed.

The person who filed the petition would get the email. If your employer has hired an attorney for that purpose, ask the attorney where the decision is. The attorney can also call up the USCIS helpline and get the result.

You will need an interview once you are out of country and that is what i think will complete the post decision activity.

I myself called USCIS. The agent said that you need to wait for postal mail. I asked whether postal mail has been sent or not. He said i don’t know.

I got denial today. Mine was L1b PP case. After RFE response, i got “review completed”. After 7 days, my employer got denial notice. USCIS website says PP Counter stopped.