how much time one can wait once H1 B petition approves?

Is there someway where one can get the H1 petition approved but doesn’t start working even 2-3 months post Oct-13. I heard that maximum 1 month is allowed by USCIS but not sure and what if one back-out from H1 Visa and continue on existing L1 visa.

There are 2 schools of thoughts here - one says that you need to start working from COS approval date (I agree to this) and another saying you have 60 days beyond the COS approval date.

If you want to continue working on L-1 for long time, it’s better to do an action to invalidate your COS. Either don’t file H-1 w/ COS, or leave US and return on stamped L-1 visa. This way you will remain on L-1 until its I-94 expiration date.

Thanks Saurabh, I didn’t know how to vote so I couldnt do it earlie, now I have done the same, you deserve this man, you helped me a lot :).