How much time it takes to receive Notice of Action after I129 approval

USCIS says they have mailed Notice of action on May 3, after approving my I129 petition. So far I have no intimation of its receipt. Normally, how long it takes ? Any one, whose petition has been approved and received NoA, ?

Please post. Thanks.

I am also waiting for this answer. Mine is premium.Would like to know when can I get petition details. So that I can start filling DS-160 form and book for Visa slot in July month.
Thanks in advance.

Employer/attorney should receive the physical copy within 30 days of the approval date. If they don’t receive it during that time, then they should follow-up w/ USCIS.

Hi …did you receive the approved documents. How much days it took to get the documents delivered .Please reply

My employer / attorney recd. approved docs about 5 weeks after approval.

omg … the delay is too much

and how many days if it’s Premium Processing?