how much time I have to apply l1 extension when h1 is in process

Hi, I need some help.

I am currently in L1 B with current employer A, I applied H1B [COS] through a consultant Employer B

My H1 B got RFE on Aug 8, Employer B is preparing for response, still not submitted. They are saying they will submit this week.

My L1 B is going to be expired next Month [nov 2013] but I have i94 till 2015

I am planning to apply for L1 B extension

My Wife is in L2 and EAD till 2015 , my consultant [employer B] applied H4 for her also, she is working

Now My question :

a) Shall I wait for some more time for my L1 B extension [Only one month left]

b) My consultant took almost 2 month for RFE response, still not submitted. Is this normal

c) Let say if my H1 got approved how much time I have to switch my company , Oct 1 already got passed. I need to search for Project once my H 1 got approved, so how much time I have

d) When my wife need to resign from her company , once I resign from Employer A or the day H1 got approved

e) Let say My H 1 got rejected , so do I need to inform employer A about this

f) Let Say my H 1 approval took more time , can I submit my L1 extension

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Any one pls respond :frowning: