How much time does it take to get visa after interview?

I am going for first appointment. Anyone who has done this before recently tell me how many days it will take for me to get all the documents in hand to travel after the visa? I managed to appointment only 3 days before flight so I am worried. It is very expensive to postpone flight now. Interview is on friday and flight is on the following tuesday. Please help.

Depends on consulate. You are very short of time.

First select passport delivery location as the OFC at the place of Interview or blue dart location there.

Saturday , sunday are holidays

If filght on tuesday means Monday Night ,you are walking on thin razor.

But if tuesday means Tuesday night, you are in slightly better position

It is Tuesday night only. Interview is Friday morning. Most likely I can pick up all the documents at the OFC right? I have already registered OFC but I saw on the website it says “allow up to 3 business days” for delivery. So I was wondering if that was for courier delivery at home or for OFC itself. If OFC pickup will be available on the same day it will be perfect. Will it be?

Thank you.

Depends on consulate and workload on a particulat date. I have seen cases when Husband -wife appeared for interview together . But their passports with visas were despatched on different dates.
My guess is Monday evening -looks practical. Same day delivery is unlikely but not impossible.But you missing the flight is also not impossible , but unlikely


I went for the interview on Thursday morning (Mumbai) along with my wife, got the message same afternoon that my wife visa is done and next day afternoon i got the message for my visa also, went and collected on monday morning 10 AM.

It can be ready same day, you can be near the OFS centre and if you receive the message you can collect.

5 PM they closes.

I hope this helps.