How much time does it take to get h4visa extension

My husband h1 extended in USA for 3 yrs from September 2017 to September 2020. But lawyers forget my papers so we there for h4 visa extension but no use so I came to India on on 18 June for h4 visa extension and I submitted my paperwork in Dropbox on this Tuesday…

my question is does my visa will approve or reject and how much time will it take


  Outcome of your H4 Visa will strictly depends on the Consular officer and your Spouse Status records. So no one can give you exact answer for this question. Regrading the timeframe, it depends on the number of applications in queue ahead of you. Normally it should be 2-4 Weeks (By the time they touch your application the decision will be ready in the System and If Consular officer find anything unusual then they can override the same).

So there is no need to panic and it might clear soon as it’s under H4-Category.

I am so worried…
Thank you so much for your reply
On friday afternoon it showed “your visa is in final process”

What does this sentence means
‘Your visa is in final processing’
Does my visa approved??