How much salary is good enough for New York City

I got an offer for $83k in New York City. Is it a good salary considering -

  1. I have around 5 years of experience.

  2. I am single

  3. Mostly will live in New Jersey.


83K is Average if you have 5 years of experience in India. Since you will be living in NJ as most of people working in NYC do your cost of living (Rent) will be way less compared to living in NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn).

What is a good salary then?
If i stay in New Jersey, how much tax will i be paying?
And how much can i save?

Since your employment place in NY you check how much tax you will pay at

You won’t be double Taxed. You only pay NY state taxes.

There is no hard number for good salary. You can live a happy and enjoyable life with 83K in NJ. It all depends on your life style.

Now If you want to live in $2million + mansion and want to drive a Lamborghini then its a different story.

Thanks for your answer.
Actually i just wanted to know that whether the offer i have got is good enough to lead a decent & comfortable life plus save some good amount for the future.
I don’t want to get into a situation where i find out that i am under paid.

You can live a decent and comfortable life plus save with your offer. Its not a low offer. I know people who came around that salary range in that area and living a happy life.
I cannot answer if your are getting underpaid for your skills. You can do some research and find out payscale for your job in US. If I were you I wouldn’t outright reject this offer.