How much risk is there to go to India for H1B stamping during October-November this year ?


I came to United States on H1B in 2016 hired by a reputed software company. Later, I switched to another renowned company which has extended my H1B visa validity till 2019. But I am yet to complete my H1B visa stamping in India. Now I am planning to go for a vacation in India during Oct-Nov this year when I will be doing the stamping. Before travelling to India, I want to know whether any risk is involved in this process or not. Below are the few queries I have and it would be a great help if these are answered by you all :

What is the probability of getting rejected in the visa interview during the stamping process ? What is the alternative if I am rejected in the interview ? How to travel back to US in case of rejection ? Does the employer have any role in this entire process ?If anyone has gone through the same scenario, please do share your story.

Hi Sharif,

We came to US in 2013 and in July 2017 my spouse went to India(first time) as he was eligible for Dropbox, so he submitted his documents at Dropbox center, Delhi. After few days he got his Passport (without Visa) and with 221(g) white slip, which stated he has to come for Interview at Embassy. When he went there they issued him 221(g) white slip again, stated that he has to email few documents. Now he emailed all the documents (we have to ask some documents from our employer and some from End client too)and waiting for reply.

So, I want to suggest that as you also changed your employer like us, so may be they will ask you for an interview though you are eligible for Dropbox. Because in Employer Change case they will ask for Interview.

Please consult to some Good Immigration Attorney of your area, Ask him/her about all your doubts and which documents are needed to be carry for an Interview. It is always good to consult an attorney before traveling to India. So you will collect all the documents which will require in advance ( before facing any unwanted situation ).

No to little chance.Ask to attorneyAsk to attorneyYes, you have to collect some documents from your employer also.All the Best!