How Many years H1 issued with L1 COS


I worked for 2 months in 2008, 4 months + 4 months = 8 months in 2009, 20 days in 2010 in US with my first L1 visa. With my second L1, working in US from March 2011 till date.

Total, I have utlized 3.4 years of L1 visas in last 6 years.

Now I got my 2014 FY H1B approved for 2 years. After 2 years, how many years I would get extension considering my previous stay with L1 gets counted against H1 6 year validity.

Will my H1B has validity for 6 years or only 6 years - 3.4 years?

Can you please suggest me the best way to utilize H1 upto next 6 years.

Thanks much for the help.

it will be 6 - 3.4 years!