How many times can I come to USA while waiting on H1B?

Hello everyone,

I am currently under OPT extension, however my permit is going to expire on July 20th.
My company and I - total inexpert of the sebject - found out that for this year the cap is already been reached, so we are going to try for next year.

I know that the earliest starting working date is October 2018, even if using the premium processing, so I will be working for them from Italy starting from September.

With that being said, I would like to come back in the United States as a visitor, to keep in touch with friends and with the company, as well as follow the H1B sponsorship process closely.

Is that permitted? How many times can I come to visit during that year, being Italian citizen (will do an ESTA)?
Is it advisable to do so? Or would it risk to compromise my application?

Thank you to everyone!

Yes, you can work from Italy until Oct 2018. You may visit for a business purpose on a B1/B2 visa for a period of 3-6 months per visit, it depends on what you are granted at the immigration when you enter.

The B1/B2 visa has nothing to do with your H1 application, both are independent and will not affect its outcome in anyway.

Thank you! I did not know that there was the alternative of b1 visa. How do I get one? Do I need to file any specific forms or document? Thanks!!