How many days it takes to get approved after filing the petition for H1?

Hi Saurab,

how many days would it take normally to get H1 approved after filing the petition as i’m currenlty on H4 in india and plan to go to US in april, file the petition for H1 and come back to india for 2 months for personal reasons? Will that have any impact for H1 that has been filed?

H-1 processing can take 2-6 months under regular processing, and 15 calendar days under premium processing. This doesn’t include extra time spent on RFE.

If you leave US while your H-1 is pending, then COS from H-4 to H-1 will be abandoned. Your H-1 petition will continue to be processed and can get approved, but not w/ COS. This means you will have to return on stamped H-1 visa or enter on H-4 and file for a separate COS from H-4 to H-1.

In order for COS to get approved, you should leave US only after petition gets approved and return to US on H-4 prior to Oct 1.