How many days before I should enter the US for first time before H1B expiry

My H1B VISA will expire on 11/11/2016. (Petition Date: 11/12/2015 to 11/11/2016, one year)

I have never travelled to the US before.

My employer has initiated for LCA (as required) and for amendment + extension process.

Query: What would be the last date that I can enter the US. ( Can I even enter on 11/11/2016 itself and file for amendment obtaining I-94 ? or is there a specific timeline to enter US before my H1B VISA expires, say about 10days or 15 days ?)

Thanks in advance.


You cannot enter on the very last day.

I would suggest enter at least 1-2 weeks prior to expiration date, so that employer has enough time to get the paperwork filed w/ USCIS.

Thanks for your inputs Saurabh.
Yes I will take care that I reach at leat 3-4 weeks before my H1B VISA expiry.