How long USCIS takes to change status to RFE resp rev after recving docs

Hi, I have applied for my H1B extension on Apr 10th its been processed with CSC(California Service Centre). I got RFE on Aug 4th, RFE documents has been submitted on Sep 26th.

Still status is USCIS shows are request sent for RFE on Aug 4th. Anybody facing the same pblm whose visa extension is been processed in CSC(California Service Centre)? Any idea how long does it take for them to change the status to RFE response review? Please help.

Status should change immediately as soon as they recieve your document. Check with attorney. Normally they will not see the online status. Please keep inform about this. Donot mention the company name in open forums.



If RFE is common, you can expect an approval within 60 days. After submitting RFE, I got approval within 18 days. So keep the fingure crosses. Good luck.

Can you provide general detail of your RFE on the question What can be common RFEs for H1B? - H1B Visa - RedBus2US Community

This will help those who received RFEs.

Thanks Vivek… I have corrected the expansion of CSC… i meant california service center actually,…

Ya agree. However in my case there is no acknowledgment that USCIS has received my documents thats my worry…

Hi Vijay, I am also facing the same situation. My H1 transfer is going on in Premium and received RFE which was responded on 5/14/2014. However USCIS website still shows that ‘RFE notice was sent…’ and it doesnt even mention that the response has been accepted. As you mentioned, how much time did it take to you after you sent the RFE response.