How long to receive receipt notice for a H1b transfer.

My petition is filed on 05/31/2017, delivered on 06/01/2017. would like to get an estimate of when gonna receive the receipt notice. New employer set to start on 06/19/2017. Current employer will terminate on 06/17/2017.

If the start date is pushed back and termination date remains the same. May I be unemployment for few week?

What is the average time to receive a receipt notice?

I would like to everyone drop a line about the filing date and receipt # received date in a format like:

mm/dd/yyyy - mm/dd/yyyy

Thought it would be beneficial for all the people curious about the processing time.


Hi @bangor19, did you finally get the receipt? When did you get it? Thanks.

I am in a similar boat as you.

My H1B Transfer is filed in regular (non premium) on 6/22/2017.

Sent by Fedex: 6/22/2017
Received at Laguna Niguel, CA: 6/23/2017

It is 7/7/2017 today but no email/hard copy receipt yet.